Following My Bliss: From Corporate World to Traveling Entrepreneur

The last year and a half of my life has been a whirlwind, a huge transition, a transformation, any word will do but the past year has been one thing: Change. Rewind back to my life at 22 years old at Virginia Tech, getting ready to graduate college and tremendously proud of my ending grades and my future ahead. If there’s one thing I learned in high school and beyond, good grades leads you to a good career which leads you to making good money which leads you to a happy life with a house, kids, a dog, and nothing but endless happiness and toys. This was my mindset growing up…and let me say, this was certainly not instilled by my Mother – a beautiful soul, a hippie at heart, an entrepreneur, but most importantly, a dreamer always dreaming of the next big adventure. Money was never her motivation, she was driven by how the world made her feel and how she made the world feel: art, creating a vision, laws of attraction, finding the little intricacies in life that made her laugh freely. But this idea of money leading to happiness…was reinforced from God knows who? Probably society but that sounds so cliche, doesn’t it? All I know, is that this was the idea in my head that drove me forward during my young adult years: Make Bank & there lies Happiness.

Fast forward to after college, I found a steady office job in the recruitment industry as a headhunter. Hardcore commission environment, fast-paced, stressful, and incredibly rewarding. I had an amazing boss that trained and mentored me every day until I was the top recruiter in the office.  I doubled my salary in the first year, transitioned to sales, and by the end of this stint was making ridiculously good money for my first two years out of college. But throughout this crazy, “Wolf of Wall Street” environment of the job, I knew deep down that I couldn’t operate at this speed successfully for long. I began searching for other job options after moving to San Diego in 2013. At 24 years old, I was fortunate enough to land a recruiting job at one of the best biotech companies in San Diego. Over the next two years, I learned the ins and outs of corporate recruiting. I had the opportunity to work for yet another amazing boss and team, many of who I still keep in contact with today.

As time passed and I propelled further into my career, I began to feel an empty space inside my heart.  Here I was in my mid-20s with the perfect career, single, and living in a beautiful city, yet I felt as if life was just passing me by one day at a time.  After several months of deep self-reflection, I started remembering my dreams as a teenager and how I dreamed of traveling the world and creating my own business just like my Mom did. I dreamt of living on a beach in Thailand, working from a laptop while I sat under a palm tree sipping a Mai Thai. Then one day, it hit me like lightning to my heart: Move to Thailand. Travel. Teach English & Travel – let the rest work itself out. What was my response to my own revelation, you ask? “I am in the middle of a well-paying career, how the f%$& am I supposed to move out of the country now to a close-to-nothing paying gig? And my job, I have such a good job!! How can I leave this all behind???” But nonetheless, I made the decision to start working toward this dream. Shortly after my 26th birthday, I signed up to become a certified English Teacher at a local school in San Diego. And so the transformation begins…

Fast forward 18 months…I am now living in the Netherlands! (wait..what!?) Yes, the Netherlands! I ended up moving to Thailand in June 2016 where I spent the best 9 months of my life. I taught English to little Thai Kindergarteners 5 days a week, traveled almost every weekend, met one of my best friends today, and met the man of my dreams on a tropical island. During the work week, I always had a lot of free time on my laptop between classes. I began selling resume optimization services online using a third party freelance website (Fiverr). It started out as a fun way to make extra money and help people. But, it ended up really taking off and being more successful than I could have ever imagined.  After a couple of months, I realized this was something I really wanted to pursue. It gave me the opportunity to truly help people, I made my own hours, my location didn’t matter as it was all done online, and I was SO HAPPY doing it! And that, my friends, is why I created Resume Yogi.

There is one thing I have learned from this crucial transition in my life – you are never too old to follow your dreams. The minute I made the decision to follow my dreams, it was like the universe opened up and helped me with every obstacle in the way.  The universe will surprise you with how much support it offers you but YOU and only you, have to make the decision to follow your heart. That decision will always be yours.

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